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 Bernardus Johannes Carolus



Bernardus Johannes Carolus          


Dutch painter. Sluyters was born in 's-Hertogenbosch and trained in Amsterdam at the Teachers' Training College ( 1897 – 1900 ) and the Academy of Art ( 1901 – 4 ). He won the Prix de Rome at the Academy and spent 1904 travelling in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France. His early works owe a debt to van Gogh and Breitner , the Dutch Impressionist. However, in about 1906 , inspired by his exposure to contemporary French painting, he adopted a Fauvist palette and technique. This too changed, after 1914 , under the influence of Henri Le Fauconnier , the French Cubist-Expressionist, who spent the years 1914 – 18 in the Netherlands where he played an important role in the development of northern Expressionism. Working among the Calvinist peasantry in Staphorst, a village near Amsterdam, Sluyters adopted a sombre Expressionist style to depict the puritanical austerity of their lives. From 1916 , working in Amsterdam and in contact with the Belgian Expressionists de Smet and van den Berghe , he reverted to his earlier, brighter colours and developed a personal Expressionist style which he named ‘Colourism’, best seen in the paintings of nudes, which brought him a considerable reputation.





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