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 Master Bertram of Munden



Master Bertram of Munden

(b ?Minden, fl 1367; d Hamburg, between 20 Feb 1414 and 13 May 1415).

German painter, illuminator and wood-carver. His major work, the Grabow Altarpiece (Hamburg, Ksthalle), a combination of carved figures and painted scenes, is one of the high points of late 14th-century north German art. In the many documentary references to him in Hamburg, he is referred to as ‘painter’, although he was also responsible for colouring statues. At least the designs of the sculpture of some of his altars have been attributed to him. His lively narrative style, with expressive and forceful gestures, made him one of the most influential of early German artists.


Master Bertram of Munden
Grabow Altarpiece
Kunsthalle, Hamburg




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