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(b ?Treviso, ?c. 1470–75; d Venice, 20 July 1554).

Italian painter. At least eight signed works by Bissolo are known; one of the most important of these, the Coronation of St Catherine of Siena (1513; Venice, Accad.), is also documented with a contract. On this basis a considerable number of other altarpieces and devotional half-lengths may be attributed to him with a reasonable degree of confidence. Bissolo is first recorded as an assistant of Giovanni Bellini at the Doge’s Palace, Venice, in 1492, and his works demonstrate a stylistic dependence on his master throughout his long life (apparently spent entirely in Venice). Individual motifs are frequently borrowed directly from Bellini, as with the God the Father of the Coronation. Hallmarks of his own manner include a softness of modelling, tending towards formlessness, and a greater sentimentality of facial expression than usual in the work of Bellini’s other followers.


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