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 Juan Manuel Blanes



Juan Manuel Blanes        

(b Montevideo, 8 June 1830; d Pisa, 15 April 1901).

Uruguayan painter and draughtsman. He came from a humble background and as a child suffered the separation of his parents, a disrupted schooling, poverty and the social upheavals of Montevideo under siege by General Manuel Oribe during Uruguay’s Guerra grande of 1839–51. From an early age he showed talent as a draughtsman, making life drawings and oil paintings while working as a typographer for El defensor de la independencia americana, a daily newspaper run by the besieging army.


"Episodio de la fiebre amarilla" Buenos Aires 1871



Escena campestre



Parana landscape



Artigas en la Ciudadela






Demonio, mundo y carne



Tomando mate



The Paraguayan Woman



Retrato de Dona Carlota Ferreira



El Baqueano






Escena campestre





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