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(b Lille, 1716; d Fontainebleau, 1794).

French painter. He was the son of the Flemish battle painter Jacques-Wilhelm van Blarenberghe (c. 1679–1742), and he moved to Paris in 1750. In 1769 he was appointed battle painter to the War Department in Paris by his patron Etienne-François, Duc de Choiseul. The following year he was commissioned to paint a set of 14 gouache overdoors representing the capital cities of Europe for the Hôtel de la Marine, et des Affaires Etrangères (now Bibliothèque Municipale) at Versailles (13 in situ). In 1773 he was appointed painter to the Ministry of Marine, of which Choiseul was in charge, and he painted a number of views of the port of Brest in conjunction with his son Henri-Joseph van Blarenberghe (1741–1826). From 1779 to 1790 he was occupied on a series of 22 large gouache scenes representing sieges and battles of the reign of Louis XV (Versailles, Château).


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