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(b Antwerp, bapt 17 Jan 1657; d Antwerp, before 6 March 1720).

His production of paintings was prolific; most are landscapes with figures and animals, caravan scenes with camps and resting travellers and animals, military and genre scenes and horse markets. He was at his best painting animals, which he also provided for works by other artists. His period in Italy was the most successful of his career, and his work continued to bear traces of its influence to the end of his life. Characteristic of van Bloemen’s style are carefully grouped ‘still-lifes’ of animals, open, Italianate landscapes with one or two monuments to convey the ‘Roman’ atmosphere and the lively colouring of the figures’ costumes contrasted to the more sombre greys and browns of the herds and ruins. Typical works include a Herd of Cattle in the Ruins of the Roman Forum (Karlsruhe, Staatl. Ksthalle); a Blacksmith with a pendant Drinking-place (both Rome, Zingone priv. col.); Riders in a Roman Landscape (1700; Dresden, Gemäldegal. Alte Meister); a Caravan (1704; Madrid, Prado); a Cavalry Camp (1708; Rome, Pal. Barberini); and the Market between Roman Ruins (1710; Dresden, Gemaldegal. Alte Meister.). His drawings are mainly landscapes and figure and animal studies from life.


Landscape with Herdsmen and Animals in front of the Baths of Diocletian, Rome


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