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(b Blommeröd, Skåne, 12 June 1816; d Rome, 1 Feb 1853).

Swedish painter. After training as an artisan painter, in 1839 he began studying at the art academy in Stockholm of which he quickly became the outstanding student, winning numerous prizes. Having received the academy’s travel scholarship in 1847, he went to Paris via Germany; more important than the period he spent as a student in Léon Cogniet’s atelier was his contact with Moritz von Schwind’s Romantic painting in Germany. This style of painting—full of fairies, nymphs and creatures from nature—particularly appealed to Blommér, who aspired to create an identifiably Nordic art, with subjects drawn from local folktales rather than Classical mythology. Blommér was a member of the artists’ guild in Stockholm, which had first promoted this type of subject-matter in protest at the art academy’s preference for classicism. In Paris Blommér painted Meadow Fairies and Nacken and Agir’s Daughters (1850; both Stockholm, Nmus.). He intended to include them in a series of the Four Seasons that was never completed. Meadow Fairies, representing Spring, shows particularly strongly the influence of Moritz von Schwind, although it has a quiet, melancholy atmosphere characteristic of Blommér; the fairies are also set in a realistic Nordic landscape.


Heimdall returns the necklace Bryfing to Freya


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