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(b Wellsville, nr East Liverpool, OH, 9 May 1815; d Pittsburgh, PA, 15 May 1865).

American painter and sculptor. He began his career as an itinerant portrait painter in the early 1840s and became one of the leading satirical artists in America by the beginning of the Civil War. Self-taught, from 1840 to 1850 he worked in East Liverpool, OH, and Uniontown, PA, and nearby towns and villages, painting rather stiff likenesses of the local gentry. He also carved a monumental polychrome wooden statue of Marie-Joseph, Marquis de Lafayette for the Uniontown courthouse (in situ) and painted a landscape panorama of the Allegheny mountains (destr.), which he took on tour through Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The death of his wife in 1850 and the commercial failure of his panorama in 1852 led to a period of wandering; the bitterness he felt at his misfortune came to be reflected in his poetry and in his growing involvement with social and political issues.


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