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(b Cremona, 1504–5; d Cremona, 1546).

Son of Boccaccio Boccaccino. He probably received his initial training from his father, but was influenced at an early stage by Pordenone’s Cremonese works, and also by Titian, whom he evidently came to know during his long sojourn in Venice (documented until 1525). His earliest known works show these influences and that of contemporary Brescian painters. They include the Virgin and Saints altarpiece from S Maria del Cistello (1527; Prague, N.G., Sternberk Pal.), the imposing organ shutters of David and Saul from S Maria di Campagna in Piacenza (1530; Piacenza, Mus. Civ.) and the Annunciation (Piacenza, S Maria di Campagna), which was cut down to fit the church’s apse. These works show a remarkable maturity and originality in the use of colour and chiaroscuro to create illusionistic effects.


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