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Boccati (da Camerino), Giovanni (di Pier Matteo)           Pages: 1

(b Camerino, Marches, c. 1420; d after 1480).

Italian painter. He was granted citizenship of Perugia in 1445, and it seems likely that he received at least part of his artistic training there. In 1447 he painted the Madonna del pergolato (Virgin and Child with Saints; Perugia, G.N. Umbria) for the Confraternità dei Disciplinati of S Domenico, Perugia. It is an eclectic work: the composition is based on altarpieces of the later 1430s by Fra Angelico (who was in Perugia in 1437) and Filippo Lippi; the Virgin’s face is derived from Angelico, those of the Child, the saints and the angels from Lippi, while the pageantry of the predella, showing scenes from the Passion of Christ, may reflect the work of Domenico Veneziano, who had also been in Perugia in 1437. By 1448 Boccati was in Padua, but he may have been there earlier given the dominant influence of Filippo Lippi, who had worked there in the mid-1430s.



Madonna and Child Enthroned with Music-Making Angels
c. 1455


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