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(b ?Vicenza, c. 1500; fl Venice, c. 1530–70).

Italian wood-engraver. He is known only by his signed prints drawn from the designs of various artists. The inscription TITIANVS INV/Nicolaus Boldrinus/Vicenti[n]us inci/debat. 1566 on the chiaroscuro woodcut of Venus and Cupid (see Muraro and Rosand, p. 317) testifies to its derivation from a Titian model as well as to its date. Boldrini was long considered the engraver of Titian’s work par excellence and his direct collaborator, but today critical opinion (Oberhuber) tends to see such collaboration only in the famous woodcut of the Six Saints (Landau, p. 335, n. P34). Stylistic and historical considerations lead to the conclusion that some landscape prints, such as Landscape with a Milkmaid and St Jerome in the Wilderness, are not the product of a direct relationship between Boldrini and Titian but rather the work of the German Giovanni Britto (see 1993 exh. cat., pp. 563–4). Of around 30 works of very different style and engraving quality that have been assigned to Nicolò Boldrini, among the most famous, also known in chiaroscuro forms, are the Caricature of Laokoon (Muraro and Rosand, no. 49) and Marco Curzio by Pordenone (Muraro and Rosand, no. 79).


Venus and Cupid


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