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(b St Petersburg, 1 July 1907; d New York, 22 Nov 1981).

American painter and sculptor of Russian birth. Having moved first to Constantinople (now Istanbul) and then in 1923 to New York, he studied at the National Academy of Design (1924–30). Inspired both by Surrealist biomorphic forms and geometric abstraction, he painted his first non-objective work in 1933 and was a founder-member of American Abstract Artists in 1936. During the Depression of the 1930s he painted numerous abstract murals under the auspices of government-sponsored art programmes. By the late 1940s, when he taught for two years at Black Mountain College, he was concentrating on a colouristically diverse variant of Piet Mondrian’s Neo-plasticism, the style that characterized both the painted columns Bolotowsky began to make in the 1960s (e.g. Metal Column 1966, 1966; Minneapolis, MN, Walker A. Cent.) and the paintings of the rest of his career.



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