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(b Vénarey-les-Laumes, Côte d’Or, 3 Feb 1883; d Paris, 11 June 1970).

French painter. As a child he lived on a barge. After working in various rural trades, he became a fairground wrestler in order to live near Paris, moving there to work as a typographer by night so that he could paint by day. In 1922 he exhibited for the first time at the Foire aux Croûtes in the open air at Montmartre. His work was noticed in 1924 by Wilhelm Uhde, who bought nearly all his production and who exhibited his work in the Galeries des Quatre Chemins in 1927. Bombois’s pictures were included in the important exhibition Les Maîtres populaires de la réalité (1937) and in 1944 he was given his first one-man show at the Galerie Pétridès; by the 1960s he had an international reputation as a naive artist.





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