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 Giulio di Antonio Bonasone



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(b Bologna, c. 1510; d Bologna, after 1576).

Italian printmaker and painter. He was a pupil of Lorenzo Sabbatini and evidently a late follower of Marcantonio Raimondi. He is now credited with 410 prints (almost all Rome, 1st. N. Graf.), as against Adam von Bartsch’s attribution of 354. They include reproductive as well as original prints, and his independence of vision makes him one of the most interesting interpreters of his time. His activity in this field began c. 1531, as is indicated by the date on the Raphaelesque St Cecilia (B. 74). Parmigianino entrusted him with the copper engraving of his drawings, for example Mercury and Minerva (B. 168). While in Rome c. 1544–7 Bonasone interpreted works including Michelangelo’s Last Judgement (B.80) and Raphael’s Toilet of Psyche (B. 167). He often combined the techniques of etching and engraving in the same print.


Lovers, from the Loves of the Gods


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