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Bonnard Pierre (1867—1947). French painter, lithographer and designer who studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts (1888) and the Academic |ulian (1889). While a student he met Serusier, Vallotton, Vmllard and the other Nabis who first exhibited together at the Cafe Volpini m 1889. His early graphic work (Ret'iie Blanche cover, 1 89s) combines acute and often humorous observation of a fleeting pose with an instinctive sense of design. I le ill. a number of books for *Vollard including Parallelemeiil (1900) and the outstanding edition of Daphnis et Chloe' (1902). His decorative use of silhouette reflects the widespread influence of Art Noureau and of Japanese prints. He subscribed to the Nabis doctrine of abandoning 3-dimensional modelling in favour of flat colour areas, but was never committed to the Symbolist aspect of the movement.
After 1900 he concentrated more on painting and although he still worked more from his observation than his imagination, his early wit and charm gave way to a Matisse-like monumentahty of design. Mature works like La Baignoire (1925) play off the considerable surface richness of paint and colour against a simple formal strength and bis acute perception of light. After 1911 he worked either at Vernon or in S. France.


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