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(b Cortona, c. 1576; d Rome, 17 March 1636).

Italian painter and printmaker. Perhaps because of his deformity (gobbo means hunchback in Italian), which would have made physical work difficult, his father, a carpenter, apprenticed him to a local painter. Bonzi left Cortona for Rome probably in the mid-1590s and, according to Malvasia, studied with Giovanni Battista Viola, a member of the Carracci circle who specialized in landscape painting. Bonzi was recorded at meetings of the Accademia di S Luca between 1621 and 1634, once as treasurer. Around 1620–24 he worked on his only major fresco commission, decorating the ceiling of a gallery in the Palazzo Mattei di Giove, in the company of his younger compatriot Pietro da Cortona. Bonzi supplied the grisaille framework and coloured garlands of fruit and flowers surrounding the narrative scenes of the Life of Solomon and painted those of the Marriage and Anointing. His limitations as a figure painter were noted by Baglione.



Still Life with Fruits


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