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 Alfred Thompson Bricher



Alfred Thompson Bricher         

Alfred Thompson Bricher (born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on April 10, 1837; died in Staten Island, New York on September 30, 1908) was a painter associated with White Mountain art and the Hudson River School.

He began as a businessman in Boston, Massachusetts before becoming a professional painter. He studied at the Lowell Institute when not working. He also studied with Albert Bierstadt, William Morris Hunt, and others In 1868 he moved to New York City and in the 1870s primarily did maritime themed paintings.



Mountain Waterfall



Misty Day, Grand Manan



Low Tide, Southhead, Grand Manan Island



Landscape with Children on a Bridge






Going Out in the Yacht



Little Bass Rock, Narragansett, RI



Grand Summer, Grand Manan



Fisherman by a Mountain Stream



Cattle by the River



By the Shore



Boating in the Afternoon



Blue Point, Long Island



By the River



Coastal Scene



Low Tide, Narragansett Bay


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