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Flemish landscape painter, active mainly in Rome, where he settled in about 1575. Bril painted frescos, but his fame rests on his small easel paintings. He lived long enough to assimilate some of the qualities of Elsheimer's and Annibale Carracci's landscapes and his work bridges the gap between the fantastic 16th century Flemish Mannerist style and the more plausible, idealized Italian landscapes of the 17th century. He also made views of Rome for the tourist trade, and marine pictures. His conception of both of these subjects had considerable influence upon Agostino Tassi, the teacher of Claude Lorrain, and upon Claude himself. Paul's brother, Matthew or Mattheus (1550-83), also worked in Rome, and their work is hard to differentiate.

Paul (15541626) and Matthijs (15501583) Bril (or Brill) were brothers, both born in Antwerp, who were landscape painters who worked in Rome after earning papal favor.


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