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(5 March 1851 – 15 April 1901) was a Czech academic painter.

Since 1868 he studied at the Academy of Arts in Prague, Dresden, and Munich. In 1879 he went on study journey to the Netherlands.

He married a daughter of a wealthy art dealer in Paris, who helped him achieve success in French high society. He divided his time between Prague, where he taught at the Academy since 1893, and Paris. In 1896 he was elected as a foreign member and the successor of John Millais in the French Académie des beaux-arts. He died suddenly of cardiac failure and is buried at the Cimetière de Montmartre.


On a Walk



Portret divky



Portrat einer Dame



A Seated Lady



Portret Karoliny, hrabenky Nosticzove, rozene Chotkove



Portrait of Josef Hlavka



A Visit in Studio



Portret madame Christiane Fuller



A Portrait of the Artist’s Son, Maurice



Columbus and Isabella



Polyxena of Lobkowitz safeguarding royal officials Slavata and Martinic,
thrown out of windows of the royal castle in Prague in 1618



Pasacka Hus



Children’s Toilette



Family Scene



Kinder in einem Birkenwald



Prvny Kruky



The Gossips


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