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Blaue Reiter, Der

(Ger. "The Blue Rider'). A group of German Expressionist painters, led by *Marc, *Kandinsky and *Macke. Kandinsky, with a passion for blue, and Marc, enthusiastic about horses, invented the name. 2 major exhibitions were held at Munich in 1912 and 1913 with contributions from non-German artists such as *Delaunay, the *Burliuk brothers, the composer Schoenberg, *Braque, de la Fresnaye, *Malevich, *Picasso and Vlaminck; the German exhibitors included *Klee. The movement also publ. the B. R. Almanac (1912) containing major essays by Marc and Kandinsky. The B. R. programme rested on Primitivism, intellectual in concept but intuitive in application, a new emphasis on child art as a source of inspiration, abstract forms and the symbolic and psychological aspects of line and colour. The group disbanded in 1914.

Franz Marc. The Little Blue Horses. 1911



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