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Brucke, Die

(Ger. The Bridge). The Ist group of German Expressionist painters, founded in Dresden in 1905 and formally dissolved in 1913. Associated with it were Kirchner, the leading member, Nolde, Schmidt-Rottluff, Pechstem, Heckel and Mueller. The artists shared a common studio, cultivated the medieval guild ideal and also canvassed 'bourgeois' support with a lay membership scheme. The B. painters were inspired by Cezanne, Gaugum, Van Gogh and Munch, and by African and Pacific art. Their work was at first characterized by flat, linear, rhythmical expression and by simplification of form and colour, and their extensive use of the woodcut especially in posters, made it an important 2Oth-c. medium.

Ernst Kirchner
Self-Portrait as a Soldier. 1915



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