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Jennifer Bartlett
 [American Painter, born in 1941]

U.S. artist who in her most prominent work from the late 1960S used the serial structure as her main theme (e.g. Rhapsody, 1975-6, which consisted of 988 enamel-011-steel plates assembled and mounted on a wall, combining abstraction with decoration, each panel painted in a different style and with different imagery). B.'s later works show the utilization of drawing, often on a large scale, with charcoal, crayon, pencil, pen and brush, watercolour, pastel and gouache, e.g. In the Garden (1981). She painted the murals Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean (1984) for the staff dining room of Philip Johnson's AT & T headquarters in N.Y. and was given other large-scale commissions, e.g. Volvo headquarters in Sweden. B.'s most recent work has been constructions which relate to and echo paintings, placed on the floor beneath them, e.g. 'Luxembourg Gardens' series (1988).







These Ducks


The Man




The Shrubs




Abandoned House


The Elements: Air


In the garden II, #1


The Island


Elements: 4 Fire


New York, December #8


Elements 3: Water


The Elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth


In the Garden (diptych)


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