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Bruegel Jan the Younger



Jan Brueghel the Younger

Jan Brueghel the Younger (September 13, 1601 September 1, 1678), was a Flemish Baroque painter, and the son of Jan Brueghel the Elder.

He was trained by his father and spent his career producing works in a similar style. Along with his brother Ambrosius, he produced landscapes, allegorical scenes and other works of meticulous detail. Brueghel also copied works by his father and sold them with his father's signature. His work is distinguishable from that of his parent by being less well executed and lighter.

Jan the Younger was traveling in Italy when his father died of cholera and swiftly returned to take control of the Antwerp studio. He soon established himself and was made dean of the Guild of Saint Luke in 1630. Jan the Younger's best works are his extensive landscapes, either under his own name or made for other artists such as Hendrick van Balen as backgrounds.


Younger Paradise



Allegory of War


The Holy Family with St John


Virgin and Child with Infant St John in a Garland of Flowers


Still-Life of the Holy Kinship


Still-Life of Flowers


Cour de ferme


Flußlandschaft mit Mühle


Landscape with Ceres (Allegory of Earth)


Landscape with Allegories of the Four Elements


A Basket of Flowers


Venus at the Forge of Vulcan


The Five Senses: Sight, 1625


In Front of a Village Tavern, 1641


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