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The Modern Era

1789 - 1914

In Europe, the revolutionary transformation of the ruling systems and state structures began with a bang: In 1789 the French Revolution broke out in Paris, and its motto "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite"—Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood—took on an irrepressible force. A fundamental reorganization of society followed the French Revolution. The ideas behind the revolution were manifest in Napoleon's Code Civil, which he imposed on many European nations. The 19th century also experienced a transformation of society from another source: The Industrial Revolution established within society a poorer working class that stood in opposition to the merchant and trading middle class. The nascent United States was shaken by an embittered civil war. The economic growth that set in following that war was accompanied by the development of imperialist endeavors and its rise to the status of a Great Power.


Liberty Leading the People,
allegory of the 1830 July revolution that deposed the French monarchy,
with Marianne as the personification of liberty,
contemporary painting by Eugene Delacroix.


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Between Two Revolutions

(From David to Delacroix)



Napoleonic Domination

1792 - 1814


Napoléon Bonaparte in Art


Jean-Antoine Gros


Bonaparte on the Bridge at Arcole



Napoleon Bonaparte Visiting the Plague-stricken at Jaffa



The Battle of Abukir



Kapitulation von Madrid


First Consul Bonaparte



Napoleon Bonaparte on the Battlefield of Eylau, 1807


Francois Gerard


Portrait of Napoleon



Napoléon at the Battle of Austerlitz



Napoleon Ier en costume du Sacre



Napoleon Ier en uniforme de colonel des grenadiers a pied de la Garde



Andrea Appiani


The Apotheosis of Napoleon I
Throne room of the Palazzo Reale, Milan, 1808



Napoleon As King of Italy



Portrait of Napoleon I Bonaparte as King of Italy.



Allegory on the Peace of Pressburg



General Napoleon Bonaparte



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