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Cris Brodahl




The Virus, 2007


Cris Brodahl

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Cris Brodahl (born 1963, Ghent, Belgium) is an artist based in Ghent.

Brodahl has shown internationally in exhibitions including 'Electric Blue' at Xavier Hufkens in Brussels Cut at The Approach in London, Michael Bauer, Cris Brodahl, Stef Driesen at Marc Foxx in Los Angeles and The Triumph of Painting at the Saatchi Gallery in London. She is represented by Xavier Hufkens in Brussels, [The Approach Gallery|The approach] in London and Marc Foxx in Los Angeles.


The Bauhaus Child, 2006

Thin Whites, 2006

Thin White, 2006

29 Palms, 2006

The Voice, 2006

The Lie, 2006

Friend, 2006

Extreme Beauty, 2006

Dominator, 2006

Blessed, 2006

Face Lift, 2005

Veinless, 2005

Ahead, 2005

Still alive, 2005

Wax altar, 2005

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