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Warren Criswell


Portrait of the Artist


Warren Criswell

was born in 1936 in Florida and currently lives near Benton, Arkansas. Primarily a self-taught painter.

Warren Criswell is also a printmaker and sculptor who has exhibited nationally and internationally. He has had fourteen solo exhibitions in the United States and one in Taiwan. His work has been included in 47 group exhibitions in Germany, Taiwan, and across the United States, including one at the Baum Gallery of Fine Art.



Rachel on the Stairs




The Graveyard of Aborted Images


Flash Flood




White Noise


The Second Circle




The Punishment






Vanishing Point


Washed Up




The Library


Blue Towels




Psyche, Study #1


Death Waking Time


The Miraculous Mandarin




Cut to Black


Cupid & Psyche


The Graveyard of Aborted Images


Li Po's Ghost


Don Giovani Impenitente


Blue Moon


Holy Shit!


The Judgment


The Phantom


Departure of the Muse


Therapy I: The Voyeur


When Flesh Glowed


Interior with Crow




Nude Descending a Staircase I


The Crow Descending


Study for Spilled Milk


Die gluckliche Hand


The Death of Li Po


Therapy I: The Voyeur


Therapy II: The Yellow Veil




Venus and the Moon


Rachel Stealing the Gods

Double Indemnity

Man With a Light

Dark Road with Tree


The Seer




White Socks


Lynn on the Phone




Black Stockings V

Black Stockings VI


Black Stockings VII


Makeup I

Woman Lighting a Joint

Lynn on the Phone

Janet Sleeping

Two Women Walking

Jasmine Humping the Pole



Double Indemnity


For Vina




Black Stockings XII: The Blue Angel


Makeup 2


Simone Goes Out the Window



Black Stockings XIII


Dawson Road, Sunset


Dawson Road, Sunset


West Pathway Road, Late Afternoon

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