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Valerio Adami

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Valerio Adami (b. March 17, 1935) is an Italian painter. Educated at the Accademia di Brera in Milan, he has since worked in both London and Paris. His art carries obvious influence from Pop Art.

Adami was born in Bologna, and by 1945 he was studying painting from Felice Carena. He was accepted into the Brera Academy (Accademia di Brera) in 1951, and there studied as a draughtsman until 1954 in the studio of Achille Funi. In 1955 he went to Paris, where he met and was influenced by Roberto Matta and Wifredo Lam. His first solo exhibition came in 1959 in Milan.

In these early years of his career, Adami's works were expressionistic, but around the time of his second exhibition in 1964 at Kassel, he had developed a style of painting reminiscient of French cloisonnism, featuring regions of flat color bordered by black lines. Unlike Gauguin, however, Adami's subjects were highly stylized and often presented in fragments, as seen in Telescoping Rooms (1965).

In the 1970s, Adami began to address politics in his art, and incorporated subject matter such as modern European history, literature, philosophy, and mythology. In 1971, he and his brother Gioncarlo created the film Vacances dans le désert.

From 1985 to 1998, there were four retrospective exhibits of Adami's work in Paris, the Centre Julio-Gonzalez de Valence (Spain), Tel Aviv, and Buenos Aires.

Since 2004, Valerio Adami is represented in Europe by Galerie Daniel Templon.











La source

Gatto con figure carro & veranda


La Slitta



La Quimera






Medianoche luminosa




Mi sala de estar


Musica en casa


Paisaje gotico


Paisaje heroico


Ritratto di Gottfried Keller





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