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Bo Bartlett (b. December 29, 1955 in Columbus, Georgia) is an American realist painter currently residing on Vashon Island in Washington State.

Bo Bartlett was born on December 29, 1955 in Columbus, Georgia. At the age of 19 he traveled to Florence, Italy where he studied under Ben Long. In 1975 he returned to the United states, where he studied at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and then the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He also studied anatomy at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. During his time in Pennsylvania, Bartlett apprenticed under Nelson Shanks. Bartlett then went on to study liberal arts at the University of Pennsylvania from 1980 to 1981. In 1986, Bartlett received a Certificate in Filmmaking from New York University. This led him to embark upon the 5 year process of creating a film in collaboration with Betsy Wyeth on the life and works of her husband, Andrew Wyeth. The film, entitled Snow Hill, began Bartlett's relationship with Wyeth as an artistic mentor and life-long friend. Bo Bartlett currently lives and paints on an island off the coast of Maine in summer, and on an island in the Puget Sound in Washington through the winter. He is married to artist Betsy Eby.
Bo Bartlett is an American realist with a modernist vision. His paintings are within the tradition of American realism as defined by artists such as Thomas Eakins and Andrew Wyeth. Like these artists, Bartlett looks at America's land and people to describe the beauty he finds in everyday life. His paintings celebrate the underlying epic nature of the commonplace and the personal significance of the extraordinary. Bartlett was educated at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where realist principles must be grasped before modernist ventures are encouraged. He pushes the boundaries of the realist tradition with his multilayered imagery. Life, death, passage, memory, and confrontation coexist easily in his world. Family and friends are the cast of characters that appear in his dreamlike narrative works. Although the scenes are set around his childhood home in Georgia, his island summer home in Maine, his home in Pennsylvania or the surroundings of his studio and residence in Washington State, they represent a deeper, mythical concept of the archetypal, universal home.

His work can be found in private collections, public collections, and galleries throughout the United States.




Painter's Crossing




Young Life


The Virgin of Rockland



Habeas Corpus





Resurgere e Renasci





The Bride


The Bride's Maid




The Magician




The Art of Healing








The Dowry




Still Point


Open Sea




Isle of View




Sea Change


Vashon Ferry






The Prayers


Lobster Girl


The Box


The Logger's Daughter




The Way


The Good Old Days



The Babysitter




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