Art of the 20th Century


Art Styles in 20th century Art Map





Sidney Goodman

[American Contemporary Realist Painter, born in 1936]


Self-Portrait with Arm Raised


Floating Woman with Men


Luke in Yellow Basket


Expressway Site


Oncoming Figures


Figures Under Arch Bridge


Mad God




On the Beach


Bright Sun


Head of a Clown


Boy with Caution Tape


Waste Management


Boy Jumping in Motel


Vertical Climb


Girl Under Towel


Stretching out


Free Fall


Crowd Scene

The Quick and the Dead

The Elements - Fire

The Elements - Air

The Elements - Earth

The Elements - Water

A Waste

Night Burn

Head with Red


The Artist's Parents in the Store




Winged Boy


Figures in a Landscape




Boy Coming from the Beach


Caution Tape


Two Self-Portraits


Back View of an Angel with a Man

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