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Niko Pirosmani



Niko Pirosmanashvili

(b Mirzaani, E. Kiziki region, Kakheti, ?17 May 1862; d Tbilisi, 7 April 1918).

Georgian painter. He was orphaned at an early age and brought up by his father’s employer in Tbilisi. He worked first as a brakesman on the Transcaucasian Railway, then, following a brief and financially unsuccessful foray into business, he became an itinerant painter of signboards, windows and murals, working mainly for the shopkeepers in and around Tbilisi. He had no special schooling and evolved his own naive style based upon the colours, rhythms and spatial concepts of Georgian folk art. His animal paintings and portraits are particularly impressive. His Carousal series (c. 1906; Tbilisi, Mus. A. Georg.) depicts traditional aspects of Georgian life.



Feast with Organ-Grinder Datiko Zemel

 Little Girl with a Patterned Balloon

 Little Girl with a Balloon

 Woman with a Beer Mug

The Feast of Five Princes

 Signboard for a Wine Shop


Rtveli - Picking Grapes

 A Family Celebration

 Feast in the Grape Pergola


View on the Black Sea


 A Large Marani in the Forest

 Feast at Vintage Time

 Two Georgians at Marani


 Signboard for a Pub at Zakataly

 Threshing Floor in the Country

 A Cock, a Hen and Chicks


 A Fisherman


Childless Millionaire and a Poor Woman Blessed with CHildren


 Actress Marguerite


 Six-Scene Panel


 Firewood Seller

 Donkey Bridge

 Church Feast in Kartly

 A Lamb and a Laden Easter Table with Angels Flying in the Background

 God's Lamb



 A Tatar Fruit-Seller

 Sarkis Pouring Wine

A Janitor

 A Wedding in the Old-Time Georgia

 Portrait of Alexander Garanov


 A Peasant with His Grandson


 A Peasant Woman with Her Son


 Little Boy Riding a Donkey

 A Tatar Cameleer

 A Shepherd with His Flock

 Belyi Dukhan

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