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Niko Pirosmani



Niko Pirosmanashvili

(b Mirzaani, E. Kiziki region, Kakheti, ?17 May 1862; d Tbilisi, 7 April 1918).

Georgian painter. He was orphaned at an early age and brought up by his father’s employer in Tbilisi. He worked first as a brakesman on the Transcaucasian Railway, then, following a brief and financially unsuccessful foray into business, he became an itinerant painter of signboards, windows and murals, working mainly for the shopkeepers in and around Tbilisi. He had no special schooling and evolved his own naive style based upon the colours, rhythms and spatial concepts of Georgian folk art. His animal paintings and portraits are particularly impressive. His Carousal series (c. 1906; Tbilisi, Mus. A. Georg.) depicts traditional aspects of Georgian life.



 A Woman Milking a Cow

 A Boy Delivering Lunch


 Kakhetian Epos

 Porter with a Wineskin. Porter with a Barrel

 Still Life

 A Beauty from Ortachaly

 Georgian Woman with a Tambourine

 Feast at Gvimradze's


 Chef de Cuisine

 An Organ-Grinder



 Beauty from Ortachaly with a Fan
 Lady with Flowers and a Parasol

 Scenes from the Play "Brother and Sister" by V.Guniya


Scenes from the Play "Brother and Sister" by V.Guniya

 Festival on the Tzkhenis-tzkaly River


 St. George the Anchorite

 Hunting Scene with a View of the Black Sea


 Feast Next to a Two-Story House


A Woman Carrying Easter Eggs


Sea Coast in Batumi


 Public Prayer in a Village

 The Tiflis Funicular

 Robbers Getting Ready for a Raid

 Shamil with a Bodyguard

 Sheteh Helps Prince Bariatinsky to Apprehend Shamil

 A Robber with a Stolen Horse

 The Russian-Japanese War


 The Ferry at Didubeh

 Still Life with a Sugar Loaf


 The Kinto's Son

A Nurse with a Baby


A Peasant Woman with Children Going to Fetch Water

 Physician Riding a Donkey

 Roes by the Spring


 A Doe against Landscape

 A Family of Deer


 A Doe Walking

 A Deer


 White Sow with Piglets


 A Bear on Moonlit Night


 Polar Bear with Cubs


 A Ram

 A Sitting Yellow Lion


 An Eagle with a Captured Hare

 A Wild Boar

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