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Paula Rego



Paula Rego

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Paula Figueiroa Rego, (born 1935) is a Portuguese painter, illustrator and printmaker.

Rego was born in Lisbon within a rich family, during Salazar“s regime, which would be a later influence in her work. Rego was sent to St Julian's School, Carcavelos, Portugal before studying at the Slade School of Art where she met the artist Victor Willing, whom she eventually married. The two divided their time between Portugal and England until 1975, when they moved to England permanently. In 1988, Willing died after suffering for some years from multiple sclerosis. Mother-in-law to Ron Mueck whose career she influenced. Rego was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1989 and was awarded the Degree of Doctor of Letters honoris causa by Oxford University in June 2005.

She started painting at the age of four. Her work often gives a sinister edge to storybook imagery, emphasizing malicious domination or the subversion of natural order. She deals with social realities that are polemic, an example being her important Triptych (1998) on the subject of abortion, now in the collection of Abbot Hall Art Gallery in Kendal. Rego's style is often compared to cartoon illustration. As in cartoons, animals are often depicted in human roles and situations. Later work adopts a more realistic style, but sometimes keeps the animal references — the Dog Woman series of the 1990s, for example, is a set of pastel pictures depicting women in a variety of dog-like poses (on all fours, baying at the moon, and so on).

Rego has also painted a portrait of Germaine Greer, which is in the National Portrait Gallery in London, as well as the official presidency portrait of Jorge Sampaio. Rego only ever painted one self-portait including her grand daughter, Grace Smart, that sold for some £300,000.



Two Women Being Stoned












Two Girls and a Dog




The Blue Fairy Whispers to Pinocchio



Stray Dogs


Dog Woman


Bad Dog


Snow White Playing with her Father's Trophies


The Interrogator's Garden






The Policeman's Daughter


Celestina's House


The Cigarette


The Firemen of Alijo


The Old Republic


Broken Promises


The Shakespeare Room




Prince Pig Gets Married to the Third Sister


The Aunt


Mother with Big Daughter


The Young Poet


Human Cargo (triptych)


Whinney Moor




Straw Burning




Mist I


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