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Winold Reiss


Winold Reiss

(1886-1953) early modernist in 20th Century American Art and Design.

Winold Reiss (1886-1953) was born  in Karlsrune, Germany. He was the second son of Fritz Reiss (1857-1914) who as a well-known landscape artist. Reiss was a portraitist and his philosophy was that an artist must travel to find the most interesting subjects.

In his early years he traveled within Germany with his father who studied peasants of particular types that he wanted to draw or paint. This helped form many of Reiss' ideas about subject matter for portraiture.

Reiss came to America in 1913 and was captivated by Native Americans. It was an interest and subject matter throughout his entire career. He was a success very early, lecturing before the Art Students League and even founding a publication, Modern Art Collector.

Reiss returned once to Germany in 1921 but only as a visit; coming once again to New York City in 1922.

Reiss also illustrated Alain Locke's The New Negro, an important book about African American culture.

His most outstanding commission was for the work performed on the Cincinnati Union Terminal (now known as the Cincinnati Museum Center) in 1933. He blended Art Deco with portraiture which captured the history of Cincinnati through its people. Fourteen murals from the passenger concourse were removed to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in 1973, where they can be seen by airport users.

Winold Reiss was a leader who devoted most of his life towards painting a much broader cross section of ethnic diversity in America, in a compassionate and objective manner, than any artist before him.

He died on August 29, 1953 in New York City.



Munchen, 1908, Ausstellung


Cover, Modern Art Collector


Cover, Modern Art Collector


Cover, Modern Art Collector


Cover, Modern Art Collector


Interior Design Supplement
Modern Art Collector


E. H. and G. G. Aschermann, dining room
Forest Hills, Long Island


Poster for Ebony and Ivory, 1923


Poster for Photo Engravers' Convention in Chicago


Poster for Scenic Artists Supper Ball


Poster for Charity Bazar,


Cover, Opportunity,1925


Cover, Survey Graphic


Front Cover, Pagan


Cover, Pagan


Cover, Town & Country


Ad for Winold Reiss School in Modern Art Collector


Opening Announcement, The Crafts and Art Studio


Brochure, Winold Reiss Art School


Menu Card, Cafe Bonaparte,
January 5, 1930

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