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David Salle

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David Salle (born 1952) is an American painter and leading contemporary figurative artist.

Salle was born in Norman, Oklahoma. He earned a BFA and MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, where he studied with John Baldessari. Salle’s work first came to public attention in New York in the early 1980s.

His paintings comprise what appeared to be randomly juxtaposed images, or images painted on top of each other with deliberately ham-fisted paint handling. His subject matter tended toward the popular, the gratuitous, and the pornographic, and was combined in ways that appeared deliberately incomprehensible. His work was called "cynical", "calculating", and "cold".

In the next few years he and his contemporaries — termed postmodern — achieved a succès de scandale with their work.
He also turned his hand to set and costume design, photography, and directing mainstream cinema.



Rips in the Mirror


Michael Rips


The 4th


Lake Zurich


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Obras Digby

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Referencia de Byron a Wellington

Rey celestial

Roland el demoníaco

Satori a tres pulgadas de tu corazón


Sinfonia concertante II

Su cerebro

Zeitgeist Painting Nr. 4



El cuento del molinero





Angeles bajo la lluvia



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