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Oskar Schlemmer

(b Stuttgart, 4 Sept 1888; d Baden-Baden, 13 April 1943).

 German painter, sculptor, choreographer and stage designer. After the death of his parents he lived with his sister at Göppingen, and in Stuttgart from 1903 to 1905 he served an apprenticeship at a workshop specializing in marquetry while attending classes at the Kunstgewerbeschule. He continued his studies on a bursary from 1906 to 1911 at the Kunstakademie in Stuttgart under the plein-air landscape painters Christian Landenberger (1862–1927) and Friedrich von Keller (1840–1914). In 1911–12 he lived in Berlin, where he produced paintings such as Hunting Lodge, Grunewald (1911; Stuttgart, Staatsgal.) and Self-portrait (1912; Stuttgart, Staatsgal.) under the influence of Cubism. After returning to Stuttgart, Schlemmer studied under Adolf Hölzel, whose theory of pictorial methods made him a pioneer of abstract art and who gathered around him an international circle of students that included Willi Baumeister and the Swiss artists Otto Meyer-Amden and Johannes Itten, with whom Schlemmer became friends.



Composition in Rose


Plano general de las pinturas murales en el edificio de talleres (weimar)


El hombre sobre zancos


Tarjeta de invitacion a la fiesta de las cometas en la Staatliches Bauhaus


El ser humano en su contexto


Figura abstracta hacia la izquierda


La construccion craneal mas simple


Figura abstracta hacia la izquierda


Grupos, unos frente a otros


Head in Profile, with Black Contour

Half Length Figure turned to right




Figure Design


Wall Sculpture


Abstract Figure


Study for the Triadic Ballet


Costumes for "The Triadic Ballet"



Costumes for "The Triadic Ballet"


Costumes for "The Triadic Ballet"
The Wire Costume

Costumes for "The Triadic Ballet"
The Golden Sphere Costume

Costumes for "The Triadic Ballet"
The Disk Dancer Costume


Masks from the Bauhaus Stage Workshop. Designed by Schlemmer.


"Space Dance"


"Space Dance"


Scene from the pantomime "Stair Joke"


Scene from "Metal Dance"


Scene from "The King Stag" by Carlo Gozzi

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