Art of the 20th Century

A Revolution in the Arts


Art Styles in 20th century Art Map

John Stezaker

Born 1949 Worcester, England
Lives and works in London



Mask VII




Third Person


Third Person II


Underworld I


Mask II


Marriage I


Marriage IV


Marriage VIII




Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XXXI


Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XXVIII


Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XXVII


Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XLV


Mask IV


Film Portrait (Landscape) V
, 2005


Film Portrait (Landscape) VIII
, 2005


Film Portrait (She) VIII
, 2005


Film Portrait (Incision) V
, 2005


Marriage IX


Marriage III


Love XI


Table I


Table II
, 2006


Cinema 1 II


Cinema 1 I
, 2005


Cinema 2 I
, 2005


Cinema 2 II
, 2005


, 1980


, 1979


The Trial, 1980




Africa I


Africa V

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