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Aya Takano


Aya Takano

Born in 1976 in Saitama, Japan
Lives and works in Japan



Summoning her owls, she looked yonder. The buildings shone


The wind came. The vast sky was a light blue. She sees a world that envelops the entire stratosphere


She saw the liquid through the thin rubber


She heard that this dust shoot connects to a fumace. She drank too much wine


The code of the wild, and the tremendous face of clouds


Gather the dust, a dim red light shines




Stuffed Animal Room


Dun Huang's Room


The ruins changed me


Space 2


Wide Version Shopping


Land of Sodom and Gomorrah


Space 3


City Dog


Attack at the Cape!




Truck F


Party Night


Hoshiko the city child


The Weightless Room


Mrs. Drug


Drive with a Night Dog


The Morning of Battle


Showa 50, the night of Ueno


Doggy drive


Bus trip in 2006


Milk of tender love

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