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Toyen(Marie Cerminova)

(b Prague, 21 Sept 1902; d Paris, 9 Nov 1980). Bohemian painter, draughtsman and illustrator. She attended the School of Fine Arts in Prague (1919–20). In 1922 she met the painter Jindrich Styrsky with whom she collaborated until his death in 1942. In 1923 the couple joined the avant-garde Devetsil group in Prague. The group numbered artists, photographers, writers and architects among its members. During a three-year stay in Paris from 1925 to 1928 Toyen abandoned the Cubist syntax of her early work and began a series of impastoed semi-abstract paintings. Fjord (1928; Prague, N.G., Sternberk Pal.), along with other works of those years, attempted to realize visually the doctrines of poetic Artificialism in which impressions, feelings and images leave their imprint in abstract traces and vibrating colour sensations. Work of this type was given its label by Toyen and Styrsky to differentiate it from their earlier work and from other abstract forms of contemporary art. They exhibited their first Artificialist compositions in Paris at the Galerie de l’Art Contemporain in 1926.






 A Lady with Dolphins


 A Dolphin and Three Nymfs


A Girl Head behind Spider Web


A Girl, an Owl and Stairs


 A Girl Profile with a Branch


A Girl Face with Gentian


 A Girl in the Scarf


 Two Masks




 The Nest


The Wise Old Man


 The Night




The Reeds


 A Torso in the Drapery and the Nest


The Face Behind the Window

Still Life with serviete



A Lantern

On the Kitchen Table


A Nest in the Branches


A Girl with a Violin




A Face in the Tree


A Face on the Water Level


A Girl with the Pine Branches


A Girl with the Crucifix


A Girl at the Construction


Two Friends


Two Girls with Flowers


A Flock of Crows




Lovers at the Column


A Lover


Under the Eiffel Tower


The Fawn




 A Wonder with the Angel


Susanne and the Wind Rose


Susanne with the Shell


Susanne with the Bird Plume


A Lady with the Sunshade


A Girl with a Long Veil


A Lady with the Violets


A Girl with Almond Eyes


A Girl with the Dandelion


A Girl with the Rose


A Girl with the Rosehips


A Girl with the Cones


A Girl sleeping under the Stars


Sleeping on the Roses


A Girl in the Daydream


A Starry-Eyed Girl with a Flower


 A Starry-Eyed Girl with the Rose


A Mirror


 A Mother and Sons


The Easter Wind



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