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Algardi Alessandro


Bolognese sculptor. After studying at the Carracci Academy he settled r. 1625 in Rome, where his friends included Domenichino, N. Poussm and Sacchi. A. excelled as a portraitist, particularly in the depth of his character analysis, e.g his Francesco Bracciolini. Although A.'s approach was classical and although he was Bernini's chief rival, his statue of Innocent X was influenced by the bitter's Urban VIII and above all his tomb for Leo XI (1645/50) is the first of many to be modelled on Bernini's for Urban. From 1646 to 1653 A. was working on his relief of The Meeting of Attila and Leo I. With its modulation from the free-standing figures of the foreground to the shallow relief of the background, this was to be influential on later relief technique.


The Meeting of Leo I and Attila

Marble, height: 750 cm
Basilica di San Pietro, Vatican




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