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Andrea del Sarto

'senza errori', 'the faultless painter' (1486— 1531).

Florentine painter with feeling for tone and colour characteristic of the Venetian rather than the Florentine school. Invited by Francis I to Paris (1518) he returned to Florence (1519) to his wife. His life and works were much studied and admired in the 19th с and Browning's poem Andrea del Sarto was a sensitive and acceptable picture of a gifted,
irresolute and reflective man. A.'s frescoes Birth of the Virgin (1514) and Madonna del Sacco (1525), both in S. Annunziata church, Florence, are perfect examples of the High Renaissance. Other major works include Madonna delle Arpie (1517), classical in style, and the Holy Family was a favourite theme. Among his pupils were the Mannerists da Pontormo and G. B. Rosso.


The Annunciation

Oil on wood, 183 x 184 cm
Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti), Florence



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