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Antonio da Sangallo the Elder 


Architect, woodworker, sculptor and engineer, brother of Giuliano da Sangallo. The earlier part of his career was overshadowed by that of his brother, with whom he ran a workshop in Florence for nearly 40 years until the latter’s death. Their first known work of collaboration is the Crucifix (1481) for the high altar of SS Annunziata, Florence. This was followed by a model (1482) for the church and monastery of the Badia, Florence, the seating (1487–8) in the refectory of S Pietro, Perugia, and a model (1491) for S Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi, Florence. Antonio was also active as a military engineer, occasionally representing his brother on the construction sites of fortifications. The first independent work attributed to him (c. 1490) is the Crucifix for the church of S Gallo (destr.), which is now kept in SS Annunziata, Florence.


Church of San Blagio, Montepulciano



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