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Applebroog Ida     Pages: 1

(1929— ).

U.S. artist living and working in N.Y.C. Having first worked in performance, film and sculpture, since 1974 she has emerged as one of the most serious and interesting U.S. feminist Postmodern painters. Her cartoon-like drawings in separate panels, using ink and rhoplex on parchment-like stiff vellum, were an offshoot of Conceptual art — she uses words and pictures which appear to be, yet defy, narrative. In these, as in her large multi-panel paintings, sometimes freestanding two-sided canvases, as well as on the wall, e.g. the series 'Marginalia' (1991). A. deals with issues of power/powerlessness, alienation, 'the failure of individuals to connect', public vs. private feelings, disaffection, rejection, humiliation and what amounts to the near-breakdown of communication in our society. Her technique, using the palette knife to build up the dominant images in muted browns, reds and yellows, is contrasted to the smaller, often repetitive, scenes drawn like comic strips around the main image.


Marginalia (doll/bend over man)



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