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Arp Jean or Hans


Alsatian sculptor, graphic artist, painter and writer. He exhibited with Der *Blaue Reiter artists and contributed to Der Sturm, and his interest in poetry inspired a great deal of his graphic work. In 1915 he moved to Zurich and, together with his wife, Sophie Taeuber, started to make collages according to the 'law of chance'. In 1916/17 he made his 1st abstract sculptures; he participated in the Dada movement and the 1st Surrealist exhibition in 1925. In addition to sculptures, reliefs (one at the Unesco building in Paris), collages and drawings, A. also designed tapestries and wrote much, both poetry and prose in French and German. His works are usually or near abstract but nevertheless identify themselves quite clearly with natural forms.


Overturned Blue Shoe with Two Heels Under a Black Vault



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