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1452 - 1519

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     Leonardo da Vinci - biography
     Leonardo da Vinci
     1452-1481 Leonardo in the Florence of the Medici    
     1482-1499 At the court of Ludovico il Moro    
     1500-1508 The return to Florence    
     1508-1513 The Milan of Charles d'Amboise    
     1513-1519 The last years: Rome and France    



Leonardo da Vinci
c. 1512




The return to Florence



Leda and the Swan - myth in art


Mosaic "emblem" depicting "Leda and the Swan" (3rd century A.D.)


En Herculano


Leda and the Swan
Roman, first century CE
Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum


Leda and the Swan, bronze,
Roman Imperial, circa 1st Century A.D.


Leda and the Swan.
1st century B.C.
Saint-Petersburg, the Hermitage.


Atenas siglo II adc

Hadrianic age copy of an original (perhaps of the Attic school of the mid-1st century BCE).

Heinrich Aldegrever

Giulio Campagnola

Hans Sebald Beham

Atriuido a Jacopo Ripanda

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