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Baroque and Rococo Art Map

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William Hogarth



William Hogarth

(b London, 10 Nov 1697; d London, 25–26 Oct 1764).

 English painter and engraver. He played a crucial part in establishing an English school of painting, both through the quality of his painting and through campaigns to improve the status of the artist in England. He also demonstrated that artists could become independent of wealthy patrons by publishing engravings after their own paintings. He is best remembered for the satirical engravings that gave the name ‘Hogarthian’ to low-life scenes of the period.



Marriage a la Mode



The Contract




Breakfast Scene



Scene with the Quack




The Countess's Levee




Death of the Earl




The Lady's Death



Four Times of the Day






Beer Street and Gin Lane



see collection:

William Hogarth



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