Developments in the 19th Century


Art Styles in 19th century - Art Map


The Birth of Realism


Jules Breton


Jules Breton

(b Courrières, Pas-de-Calais, 1 May 1827; d Paris, 5 July 1906).

French painter and writer. After the death of his mother he was brought up in the village of Courrières by his father, grandmother and uncle. The last instilled in him respect for tradition and a commitment to the philosophical ideas of the 18th century. Breton’s father, as supervisor of the lands of the Duc de Duras, encouraged him to develop a deep knowledge of and affection for his native region and its heritage, which remained central to his art.



The Song of the Lark


Woman with a Taper



Evening in the Hamlet of Finistere


Le Pardon De Kergoat


The Water Carrier


The Communicants


Young Women Going to a Procession


The Weeders


La benediction des bles


The Departure for the Fields


The Tired Gleaner


Mise En Tas Des Oeillettes


The Reapers


The Rest of the Haymakers



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