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The Birth of Realism


Charles-Francois Daubigny



Charles-Francois Daubigny

(b Paris, 15 Feb 1817; d Paris, 19 Feb 1878).

Painter and printmaker. He studied under his father Edmond-François Daubigny and in 1831–2 also trained with Jacques-Raymond Brascassat. At an early age he copied works by Ruisdael and Poussin in the Louvre, while also pursuing an apprenticeship as an engraver. At this time he drew and painted mainly at Saint-Cloud and Clamart, near Paris, and in the Forest of Fontainebleau (1834–5). In 1835 he visited several Italian cities and towns, including Rome, Frascati, Tivoli, Florence, Pisa and Genoa. He returned to Paris in 1836 and worked for François-Marius Granet in the painting restoration department of the Louvre. In 1840 he spent several months drawing from life in Paul Delaroche’s studio, although his early works were much more heavily influenced by 17th-century Dutch painters, whom he copied in the Louvre, than by Delaroche’s work.


Les Iles Vierges a Bezons


Les Graves Pres De Villerville




The Pool


L'Etang De Gijlieu

A June Day


Bords De L'Oise


Low Tide At Villerville

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