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Paul Gavarni


Paul Gavarni

(b Paris, 13 Jan 1804; d Paris, 24 Nov 1866).

French lithographer and painter. He was one of the most highly esteemed artists of the 19th century. Like Daumier, with whom he is often compared, he produced around 4000 lithographs for satirical journals and fashion magazines, but while Daumier concentrated on giving a panoramic view of public life, it was said of Gavarni that his work constituted the ‘memoirs of the private life of the 19th century’. He specialized in genre scenes, in which the protagonists are usually young women, treating them as little dramatic episodes drawn from the light-hearted life of bohemia, dear to the Romantics.



Old Gypsy




The Street Sweeper (Le Cantonnier)


Masque et Visages: Les Partageuses 35


L'art et le commerce




Dandy in Paris


The Brothers


To Arms Citizens!


After the Theatre




One WIll Excuse Her Because She Has Danced Too Much


 Old Woman in Red Cap


Young Woman



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