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Winslow Homer


Winslow Homer

(b Boston, MA, 24 Feb 1836; d Prout’s Neck, ME, 29 Sept 1910).

American painter, illustrator and etcher. He was one of the two most admired American late 19th-century artists (the other being Thomas Eakins) and is considered to be the greatest pictorial poet of outdoor life in the USA and its greatest watercolourist. Nominally a landscape painter, in a sense carrying on Hudson River school attitudes, Homer was an artist of power and individuality whose images are metaphors for the relationship of Man and Nature. A careful observer of visual reality, he was at the same time alive to the purely physical properties of pigment and colour, of line and form, and of the patterns they create. His work is characterized by bold, fluid brushwork, strong draughtsmanship and composition, and particularly by a lack of sentimentality.



Answering the Horn


The Return of the Gleaner


Peach Blossoms


Sailing the Catboat


The Whittling Boy


After the Hunt


Eight Bells


On Guard


By the Shore


Boy Fishing


A Game of Croquet

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