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 "Songs of Innocence"

"Songs of Experience"

"The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"

"The Book of Job"

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My bones are pierced me in the
night season & my sinews take no rest

My skin is black upon me, and
& my bones are burned with heat

The triumphing of the wicked
is short, the joy of the hypocrite is
but for a moment

Satan himself is transformed into an
Angel of Light & his Ministers into
Ministers of Righteousness

With Dreams upon my bed thou scarest me

& affrightest me with Visions

Why do you persecute me as God
& are not satisfied with my flesh.
Oh that my wordswere printed in a
Book that they were graven with
an iron pen & lead in the rock for ever
For I know that my Redeemer liveth

& that he shall stand in the latter days upon
the Earth & after my skin destroy thou

This body yet in my flesh shall I see God
whom I shall see for Myself and

mine Eyes shall behold & not Another
tho consumed be my wrought Image

Who opposeth & exalteth himself above
all that is called God or is Worshipped










For God speaketh once yea twice
& Man percieveth it not

In a Dream in a Vision of the Night
in deep Slumberings upon the bed

Then he openeth the ears of Men

& sealeth their instruction

That he may withdraw Man from
his purpose & hide Pride from Man

For his eyes are upon the says of
Man & he observeth all his goings

I am young & ye are very Old
wherefore I was afraid

Lo all these things worketh God
oftentimes with Man to bring
back his Soul from the pit to be

enlightened with the light of the living

Look unto the heavens & behold
the clouds which are higher than thou

If thou sinnest, what
doest thou against him? ...If thou be
righteous, what givest thou him?










Who is this that darkeneth counsel by
words without knowledge

Then the Lord answered Job out of
the Whirlwind

Who maketh the Clouds his Chariot

& walketh on the Wings
of the Wind

Hath the Rain a Father & who hath
begotten the Drops of the Dew










Canst thou bind the sweet influences
of Pleiades or loose the bands
of Orion

When the morning stars sang together
& all the
sons of God shouted for joy

Let there Be Light

Let there be A Firmament

Let the waters be gathered
together into one place, and
& let the Dry Land

And God made Two Great Lights
Sun Moon

Let the Waters bring forth abundantly

Let the earth bring forth
Cattle & Creeping thing & Beast










Can any understand the spreadings of
the Clouds the noise of his

Also by watering he wearieth the
thick cloud
He scattereth the bright

cloud also it is turned about by
his counsels

Of Behemoth he saith, He is the
chief of the ways of God

Of Leviathan he saith, He is King over
all the Children of Pride

Behold now Behemoth which
I made with thee










Hell is naked before him & destruction
has no covering

Canst thou by searching find out God
Canst thou find out the Almighty to perfection

The Accuser of our Brethren is Cast down
which accused them before

our God day & night

It is higher than Heaven what canst thou do
It is deeper than Hell what canst thou know

The prince of this World shall be cast out

Thou hast fulfilled the Judgment
of the Wicked

Even the devils are Subject to Us thro
thy Name. Jesus said unto them,
I saw Satan as lightning fall from Heaven

God hath chosen the foolish things of the
World to confound the wise

And God hath chosen the weak things

of the world to confound the things
which are mighty









He bringeth down to the Grave
& bringeth up we know

that when he shall appear, we shall be
like him for we shall see him as He Is.

When I behold the Heavens the work of thy

hands the Moon & Stars which thou hast
ordained, then I say, What is Man that
thou art mindful of him?
& the Son of Man that thou visitest him

I have heard thee with the hearing of
the Ear but now my Eye seeth thee

He that seen me hath seen my Father also

I & my Father are One

If ye had know me, ye should have known my
Father also and from henceforth
ye know him & have seen him

Believe me that I am in the Father
& the Father in me

He that loveth me shall be loved of
my Father

For he dwelleth in you & shall be with you

At that day ye shall know that I am in
my Father & you in me & I in you

If ye loved me ye would rejoice
because I said I go unto the Father

He that loveth me shall be loved
of my Father & I will love him &
manifest myself unto him

And the Father will love him & we
will come unto him, and
& make our abode with him

And the Father ... shall give you
Another Comforter, t that he may abide
with you for ever

Even the Spirit of truth whom the
World Cannot recieve










Also the Lord accepted Job

Any my Servant Job shall pray for you

And the Lord turned the captivity of

Job when he prayed for his Friends

I say unto you Love your Enemies bless then
that curse you do good to them that hate you

& pray for them that despitefull use you
& persecute you

That you may be the children of your Father
which is in heaven, for he maketh his sun
to shine on the Evil & on the Good &
sendeth rain on the Just & the Unjust

Be ye therefore perfect as your Father
which is in heaven is perfect










The Lord maketh Poor & maketh Rich
He bringeth Low & Lifteth Up

who provideth for the
Raven his Food
When his young ones cry unto God

Every one also gave him a piece of Money

Who remembered us in our low estate
For his Mercy endureth for ever










How precious are thy thoughts
unto me O God
how great is the sum of them

There were not found Women fair as
the Daughters of Job
in all the Land & their Father

gave them Inheritance among
their Brethren

If I ascend up into Heaven thou art there
If I make my bed in Hell behold Thou
art there










Great & Marvellous are thy Works
Lord God Almighty
Just & True are thy Ways
O thou King of Saints

So the Lord blessed the latter end of Job
more that the beginning

After this Job lived an hundred
& forty years & saw his Sons & his
Sons Sons even four generations
So Job died being old
& full of days

In burnt Offerings for Sin
thou hast had no Pleasure



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